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Batman massacre: Mother who lost daughter in horror shooting suffered miscarriage in hospital
29 July 2012

A pregnant mother who lost her six-year-old daugher in a massacre at a screening of a Batman film in Colorado suffered a miscarriage while recovering in hospital from bullet wounds.

Ashley Moser, lost her daughter Veronica Moser-Sullivan during the horrific shooting spree carried out by a masked gunman at the Century 16 cinema in Aurora, Denver earlier this month.

It emerged today that while Ms Moser was recovering in hospital from surgery to treat wounds to her neck and abdomen, she suffered a miscarriage.

In a statement her family said it was caused by the "trauma" of being shot.

Former US prosecutor, Karen Steinhauser, now a professor at the University of Denver, said a man suspected of carrying out the shooting would not face an additional murder charge over the miscarriage.

Ms Steinhauser said murder charges in Colorado only apply to those "who had been born and alive."

James Holmes, 24, is due to be arraigned in a Colorado court on Monday charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others.


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